The Case for the Write in Candidate (Trump 2022)

As we have learned, the corrupt two party system leaves out great candidates like Donald J Trump! That is why we need to send a message to the establishment RINOs this fall! While the Republican party fights among themselves, Donald Trump fights for America!

There are 34 open senate seats this November and our goal at the PAC is to get Trump 1,000,000 votes for those Senate seats! Obviously, he can't take all of the seats but those votes will count and we need to send a message to the leadership of the GOP that Trump is our leader. The more votes we get this fall, the more likely it is there will be a recall election for the president and the rest of the party will have to take Trump seriously! Don't trust the MSM. We are stronger than ever and using your vote this November to send a message is the best thing you can do for your country! This is especially true in the swing states where so called "Moderate Republicans" are not supporting Trump.

Any corrupt programming of the voting machines will certainly not include the Write in space on the ballot. That would be too complicated and easy to discover. So, the only way to make sure your vote counts is to Write In Trump on your ballot this fall. The true patriots are doing it! You should too.

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