Official Stance on Putin and Russia

Having served 25+ years of my military career in Army Intel in Germany and Eastern Europe, I feel we have to have an official stance on the current war in Ukraine. Dating back to the Soviet Union, Russia has had one goal: conquer Europe. It is a nearly impossible goal and getting more difficult. Putin was a very skilled intel officer with the KGB in his younger days. He rose through the ranks and witnessed first hand the fall of the Soviet Union and has dreamed of reunited those nations as his own every since.

It would be a great disservice to Ronald Reagan and our country to back any aggression that Putin or Russia partakes in in his advance toward Kyiv, the Capital City of Ukraine. He is a tyrant. He rigs elections in his favor and assassinates his opponents and critics. The Russian people deserve better and the Ukrainian people deserve their independence from him.

Anyone who believes in democracy must fully oppose Putin and the Russian aggression. Tucket Carlson has said a lot of good and bad things. He has not stood up firmly against Putin. Having seen Russian Propaganda television showing his Carlson's, I can't tell you how dangerous it is that Putin even has a sliver of support here in the Great United States. Whatever motivations Tucker may have, whether its money, or other ties to Russia, he needs to be stopped. If Putin believes his clips are worth airing, any ambiguity in what Tucker is proposing must be shut down. We urge you to share this post, and do everything you can to show a message of support to the people of Ukraine and to the Russian people who are standing up to Putin, at the risk of their own lives.

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