Don't Mail in your Ballot! Vote on Election day!

With all of the uncertainty with the mail in ballots, do not apply for a mail in ballot! Mot people believe that your political party is selling your data. Why else would you get all of those annoying emails and text messages? Do not mail in your ballot if mail in voting is allowed in your crooked state!

The safest and therefore best way to vote is to go at the very last minute on election day! The longer they have your ballot, the longer they have to change it or "lose" it. Plus, this will mess up the counting systems so that they have to do many recounts. If they had done proper recounts in the swing states, Trump would have won! If you see anything fishy at the polling location, LEAVE immediately and find another polling site if that's allowed. Or, if that's not allowed, leave and come back later in the day!

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