About Us

Working hard to get Trump on Every Ballot in the USA

We are working hard to get you, the voter, to help get Trump on every ballot in the United States.   our goal is to get 1,000,000 Write In Votes for Trump.  If we write him in enough, he HAS TO RUN for president in 2024.  THE RINOs in the GOP have betrayed him!  We need to send a strong message that is is our leader!  Join us to day by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word on social media.

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Our Story

This Plan was hatched as we saw Mitch McConnell betray Trump and all of the other RINOs starting falling into place.  We have to act now.  If we wait until 2024, it'll be too late.  We know DeSantis is campaigning for President and he'll try to primary Trump.  Let's shut it down now before it gets too late!  Due to limited resources, we can only afford to work Florida right now.  You can help spread the word by DONATING HERE.